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Tango Guitar Lessons is the best way to learn to play authentic Argentine tango from home.

Whether you are just starting to play tango, or you already know quite a lot, there's a course for you.
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In addition, you will find music scores, backing tracks, online workshops and much more!

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Hi, I'm Flavio Romanelli

Founder of Tango Guitar Lessons.

I was born in the City of Buenos Aires, in July 1985. I started to listen to tango at a very young age: my mother loves tango, my grandparents used to love tango and at home, tango was always there. I started playing the guitar when I was a kid. When I turned 19, I became a music teacher and I started to build my career focused on Tango music. I got a Masters Degree in Music Composition and I have studied with some of the greatest “Maestros” in Argentina. I recorded many albums, I toured across the globe around more than 50 cities in 4 continents, and I even got recognition from the Ministry of Culture of Argentina twice. In addition, I had the privilege of teaching music in one of the most prestigious conservatories in Argentina: the National University of Arts.
I started this project with the intention of enabling anyone, anywhere in the world, to learn to play tango. You don't need to be born in Argentina, or be living in Buenos Aires. You just need to have an internet connection and your instrument ready to start playing this wonderful musical genre!

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Tango Guitar Courses

Our courses cover a wide range of topics: technique, theory, repertoire and more.
Each of them was designed according to your level of tango guitar. Take a look!

Tango Guitar

This course was specially created for guitarists who are approaching Tango music for the first time, regardless of their technical level or skills. In this course you will find specific techniques of tango guitar, basic rhythms, alternative chord positions, accompaniment strategies and more!

Tango Guitar

This course was specially created for guitarists who already have the fundamental tools of Tango music and want to delve into several aspects such as complex rhythms, typical chord progressions, reharmonization, bass lines, how to play “variaciones”, repertoire and much more!

Tango Guitar

This course was specially created for guitarists with a solid knowledge of the genre, who want to become professionals. In this course we will delve into specific aspects such as improvisation (“a la parrilla”), fancy chord progressions, key transpositions, specific tango styles and more!

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We have plenty!

Check out our shop and find authentic antique scores, PDF scores, backing tracks and more!

What Our
Learners Say

Read the comments of our students from all around the world.

Donald Brennan
Clear, precise, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and inspiring. It is a great pleasure and privilege to study with this talented gentleman.
2754582_people_man_business man_avatar_face_user_business_avatar
Georgs Peters
Within just a few months he got me to a different level and I am looking forward to all the lessons to come.
Padmaka Mirihagalla
Sri Lanka
He has an ocean of knowledge about tango music and he is a top professional tango guitarist. I would definitely recommend him to you.
Eran Polat
Flavio explains the most complex things so simply even a child can understand.
2754579_avatar_man_business man_avatar_face_user_business_people
Alejandro Nieponice
Tango was a true challenge for me and Flavio took me all the way to a place where I feel comfortable playing.
Jesse Mc Crosky
Looking back to when I started, I am amazed how much I've learned.

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