Cadences in Tango Music


Cadences in Tango Music

There are few elements in music as simple and important as cadences. They are in all musical genres, and in tango, they are particularly important. But… what does the term ‘cadence’ mean in music?

“Cadences” are resolutive harmonic progressions. A succession of chords that generates tension to later resolve in the tonic chord and finally give a feeling of rest. These are used both at the end of a section and at the end of the song itself. Cadences are something important in Tango music, mainly the final cadence, which is usually very energetic or dramatic.

There are many types of cadences. In this short video I will show you some of them, very simple but effective. Also, you will learn how you can apply replacements and create new harmonic colors. 
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Enjoy the video!