Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a large part of the frequently asked questions. If your question is not here, you can always write to us using the contact form.
Who are these courses for?
These courses are for guitarists that want to start playing tango music, or for those who already know some and want to dig deeper.
I don't know anything about guitar, can I learn to play with these courses?
Although it is true that in these courses you will learn many things about the instrument and music theory, they are not meant to teach you to play the guitar from scratch. There are other platforms that might help you with that.
Which is the general aim of our courses?
The general aim is to provide the necessary tools to play tango in an authentic way, through an efficient and dynamic method that allows the student to advance at their own pace.
Once the course is purchased, is there a time limit to complete it?
No, there is not. You can take your time and watch each lesson as many times as you want. The whole idea is that you can practise and learn at your own pace.
What do I access when buying a course?

With your purchase, you have immediate access to all the classes in that course. You will find HD videos with detailed lessons, PDF complementary material, exercises, scores, audio tracks and more. And best of all, you’ll have access to all of this for life! 🙂

When do the courses start?
You can start the courses whenever you want and take them at your own pace, without time limits. Our courses are On-Demand, which means that they are pre-recorded so you can access them as many times as you want.
All courses offer an “Essential”, “Pro” and “Full” version: what is the difference between them?

All courses are built on the same structure and content (HD videos, workbook, scores); however, the complementary materials vary to make the most of them. You can go for the Essential, or upgrade it to the Pro version, or maximize it with the Full. Some of the complementary materials are: additional tango scores, backing tracks to play along with, MP3 melodies, virtual meetings with Flavio, etc. Choose the one that suits you best!

I bought a course in its "Full" version: when and how should I have my virtual meeting with Flavio?

If you bought a course in its Full version, you will be able to access a private virtual meeting with Flavio to ask all your questions. We suggest you do it once you have finished all the classes of your virtual course. That way you can make the most of it! To schedule your appointment, write to us at hello@tangoguitarlessons.com and we will coordinate a day and time together. Meetings are held through the Zoom platform.

Can I download the complementary material for the courses?
Yes, you can download part of the complementary material for the courses (PDF guide and scores) on your computer. However, it can only be used by the registered student who made the purchase. Sharing this material with other people is prohibited by law as it is protected by copyright.
Can the videos be downloaded?

No, the videos are only available on our website. They cannot be downloaded or shared.

Can the backing tracks be downloaded?
Yes. If you have created a user, you can access and download them from your panel. If you have not, you will receive an email for download. Keep in mind that you have a limit of up to 5 downloads per track and that sharing this material with other people is prohibited by law.
Can I share my course with other people?

No, access to each course is personal, individual and non-transferable. Access is controlled via IP.

Do I need to know how to read music to take these courses?
No, it is not essential to know how to read music. However, you can get the most out of them if you know how to do it.
If I buy a digital score, will I be able to download it only 1 time?
No, you can download it up to 5 times. However, remember that this will be for your personal use only, it should not be shared.
If I buy an original music score in physical format, how long will it take it to get to my house?
We want our original scores to reach your home as soon as possible. That is why we try to send them by post, the day after your purchase. Its delay in arriving will depend largely on the service of the post office and the city where you live. Either way, you will have a tracking code to see where it is at any time.
What is the student forum and how can I access it?

The student forum is a Facebook group exclusive for exchange between those who are taking one of our courses. You can make inquiries about a particular topic or open a debate about aspects related to the content. The main idea is to create an interactive virtual space that enriches us all, based on a friendly and respectful atmosphere.
You can access using this links Facebook Student Group but remember that only students can be part of it.

I have problems with the platform, what can I do?

If you have any problems with the platform, you can write to us at support@tangoguitarlessons.com detailing what happens. We will contact you and try to solve it as soon as possible.

I have questions about the courses, the content or any of the products. What can I do?
You can send your queries to hello@tangoguitarlessons.com and a member of our team will try to answer you asap. Remember that if it is a very specific question about a topic mentioned in a class, you can ask it in person on one of our free monthly webinars (they will start in March 2022) or consult at any time on our student forum.

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