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6 weeks

12 lessons

60 min long

Via Zoom

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"I highly recommend his lessons. The material he provides is highly professional. Thumbs up. 5 stars!

Andreas Thun (Munich, Germany).

"The classes are informative, inspiring and very delightful in their challenges"

Donald Brennan (Victoria British Columbia, Canada).

"The classes are really fun! Flavio is very enthusiastic. He is so available to help you on this journey"

Isaac Marsolek (Minnesota, USA).

"Now, I am capable to play almost any tango guitar piece that I want to play"

Georg Peters (Munich, Germany).

"Forever grateful. Tangoguitarlessons.com you are the best!"

Andre Obligado (New York, USA).

Introducing: Live Tango Guitar Courses!


60-minute long group classes via Zoom

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Authentic Tango from Buenos Aires!

About these courses

After the success of our on-demand courses, we are excited to launch live group classes. So, if you love real-time interaction, detailed feedback, and a weekly schedule, our LIVE Tango Guitar Lessons are perfect for you!

In this course, you’ll master the fundamentals of tango guitar: right hand technique, tango rhythms, accompaniment skills, popular melodic ornaments, harmonic replacements, and so much more. We’ll dive into theoretical and technical aspects, share fascinating insights about tango music, and of course, play a lot of guitar!

There will be 12 live Zoom sessions, held twice a week for 6 weeks, ensuring a fully interactive, informative and engaging experience. If you miss a session, no worries, as all classes will be recorded. To keep you connected and supported, there will be an exclusive chat group where you can stay in touch with fellow students and get your questions answered.

BONUS: You’ll also get lifetime access to our on-demand version of this course, a PDF booklet with exclusive exercises, backing tracks, MP3 melodies, and curated links to delve deeper into the world of tango.

We’ve thought of everything to ensure you have an exceptional learning experience. No more excuses—start playing the music you love today!

After this course you will...

Course content

It doesn’t matter if you have great skills with the instrument or you just know the basic chords. What matters (according to this course) is your knowledge of tango guitar specifics.
Here you will find everything you need to play like we do in Buenos Aires.

Class 1: Intro
A little about me / A little about Tango / About this course
Class 2: Generalities of tango music
Tempo / Rhythm / Melody
Class 3: Tango guitar technique

Position of the instrument / The “toques” (how it should be played)

Class 4: Basic rhythms (part 1)

Marcato in 4 / Marcato in 2 / Arpeggios

Class 5: Basic rhythms (part 2)

Syncopation / Yumba / 3+3+2 / The drag (Tango glissando)

Class 6: Structure of a tango

Sections / Phrases / Motif

Class 7: How to think and organize your chords

About chords / Chords with tonic (root) on the 6th or 5th string

Class 8: Harmony (diminished and half-diminished chords)

Diminished and half-diminished chords / Let’s play a cool progression!

Class 9: How to accompany a tango
How to choose and combine Tango rhythms & elements / Applying these steps on “Malena” (guest artist)
Class 10: Tango ornaments (‘Rellenos’ and ‘Bordoneos’)

Bordoneos / Rellenos / Applying these techniques on “Mi vieja viola” (guest artist)

Class 11: Connecting passages
What are they and how to use them / Examples of the most popular ones
Class 12: The tango melody
Steps to develop your tango melodies

By joining you will also receive access to these 5 awesome bonuses

Lifetime access to the on demand version of the course (€159) FOR FREE
That's right; we're giving you full access to our online course Tango guitar fundamentals
E-Book "20 great tangos, waltzes and Milongas" (€5.99) for free
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Mp3 Tango melodies to play along (exclusive)
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Access to the students community and playlists (exclusive)
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September 10th

Tuesday at 13pm...

60 min long


12 lessons


Via Zoom


Hi, I'm Flavio Romanelli

Founder of Tango Guitar Lessons.

I was born in Buenos Aires in July 1985, and I grew up immersed in tango music influenced by my family's love for the genre. I have a Master's Degree in Music Composition and have had the privilege of learning from some of Argentina's greatest maestros. Over the years, I've recorded many albums, toured in more than 50 cities across four continents, and received recognition from the Ministry of Culture of Argentina twice. Teaching at the National University of Arts, one of Argentina's top conservatories, has also been a highlight of my career.

I started Tango Guitar Lessons to share the passion of tango guitar with everyone. No matter where you are in the world, if you have an internet connection and a guitar, you can dive into this wonderful musical genre.

Join me, and unlock your tango guitar skills!

And as if that
weren't enough...​

More comments from students all around the world!

Padmaka Mirihagalla
Sri Lanka
"He has an ocean of knowledge about tango music and he is a top professional tango guitarist. I would definitely recommend him to you."
2754579_avatar_man_business man_avatar_face_user_business_people
Alejandro Nieponice
"Tango was a true challenge for me and Flavio took me all the way to a place where I feel comfortable playing"
Jesse Mc Crosky
"Looking back to when I started, I am amazed how much I've learned"
Eran Polat
"Flavio explains the most complex things so simply even a child can understand."

Do you have questions about our courses?

Who are these courses for?
These courses are for guitarists that want to start playing tango music, or for those who already know some and want to dig deeper.
I don't know anything about guitar, can I learn to play with these courses?

Although it is true that in these courses you will learn many things about the instrument and music theory, they are not meant to teach you to play the guitar from scratch. There are other platforms that might help you with that.

Which is the general aim of these courses?
The general aim is to provide the necessary tools to play tango in an authentic way, through an efficient and dynamic method that allows the student to advance at their own pace.
Do I need to know how to read music?

No, it is not essential. However, you can get the most out of our courses if you do.

Once the course is purchased, is there a time limit to complete it?

No, there is not. You can take your time and watch each lesson as many times as you want. The whole idea is that you can practise and learn at your own pace.

Tango Guitar Lessons is the best way to learn to play authentic Argentine tango from home.

Whether you are just starting to play tango, or you already know quite a lot, there's a course for you.
And best of all, you can do it at your own pace, on demand and with no time limit.
In addition, you will find music scores, backing tracks, online workshops and much more!

Take a look at our website and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the tango guitar.