20 Great Tangos, Waltzes and Milongas (e-book)


Dive into the soulful world of tango, waltz, and milonga with our carefully curated collection of 20 timeless classics. Crafted by Flavio himself, these lead sheets are your passport to unraveling the rich tapestry of these iconic genres.

Flavio has meticulously transcribed each score exclusively for his private students. Now, these gems are available to you. Immerse yourself in the heart-wrenching melodies of “Adiós muchachos”, the haunting notes of “Gallo ciego”, and the classic charm of “La cumparsita”. From the melancholic beauty of “Milonga sentimental” to the passionate embrace of “Nada”, each lead sheet is a gateway to musical expression.

Remember that a “lead sheet” provides the basic information to be able to approach a composition. It may look quite simple, but it’s actually a very powerful and versatile tool. Far from limiting yourself to playing only what is written there, consider it a starting point to develop your creativity.

So, grab your music instrument, and let it resonate with the best tangos, waltzes, and milongas of all time. Whether you seek to improvise, compose, or simply enjoy playing your favourites, this digital treasure trove is your key to a world of musical exploration. Elevate your musicality and embark on a journey of rhythm and emotion!



List of songs included in the e-book:

Adiós Muchachos
Bajo un cielo de estrellas
Desde el alma
Gallo ciego
La cumparsita
La puñalada
Lo que vos te merecés
Milonga sentimental
Nido gaucho
Oro y plata
Toda mi vida
Vida mía