60-minute online workshops


60-minute online workshops on a different aspect of tango guitar
Throughout 2023, Flavio Romanelli will be conducting monthly virtual workshops on a specific topic of tango guitar. Each one will cover an aspect of great importance to guitarists of all levels, and you can attend as many as you want. We set a low price so that everyone can learn and enjoy them. And best of all… if you are a TGL student*, you can access them for free!

Check all the information below and sign up for our virtual workshops. They start in March, but you can join at any time. Don’t miss your spot!

(*TGL students are those who have already purchased one of our Fundamental or Intermediate courses.)



During this course, we will go through different important aspects of the tango guitar: its history, its technique, its rhythms, its role in the different ensembles, its most famous licks, etc. We will share photos, watch videos, listen to audios and of course… play guitar!

You can attend as many classes as you want: 1, 2, 5… or all of them. You choose how many and which ones! 😉
Check below the dates and topics of each class.

  1. Sunday, March 26th: Introduction to tango guitar and general harmonic aspects.
    History and evolution, tango techniques, the ‘marcato’, chords in different positions, inverted chords.
  2. Sunday, April 23rd: The Tango rhythms.
    Since this is a mostly rhythmic genre, during this class we will work on and delve into the main rhythms of Tango music.
  3. Sunday, May 14th: The lead sheet.
    What is a “lead sheet”? How is it used? Why is it so important in tango? During this workshop we will answer these questions and guide you in the use of this powerful tool that will help you play your favorite songs!
  4. Sunday, June 25th: Classic tangos, vol. 1: “La Cumparsita”.
    During this meeting, we will work on the chords, the rhythms and the different aspects to take into account when playing a tango.
  5. Sunday, July 16th: How to combine rhythms ‘wisely’ in a tango piece.
    We will talk about the function of some of the main tango rhythms: marcato, pesante, syncopation, arpeggio and yumba. After that, we will apply them in the context of a tango!
  6. Sunday, August 27th: Tango licks and embellishments.
    During this class we will work on melodic phrases, bass lines, ‘rellenos’ and ‘bordoneos’ to decorate a tango and make it come alive!
  7. Sunday, September 17th: Classic tangos, vol. 2: “A Media Luz”.
    This class serves to review several of the concepts worked on in the previous classes and apply them to a tango. We will use rhythms, inversions, reharmonizations and embellishments. Cool, right?
  8. Sunday, October 22nd: The structure of a tango.
    During this meeting, we will analyze the structure of various musical pieces to better understand how to organize our materials when making music.
  9. Sunday, November 19th: How to make an arrangement of your favorite tango.
    During this workshop we will see what elements must be taken into account when making our own solo guitar arrangement, the possible strategies, how to apply them… and how to avoid complications!
  10. Sunday, December 10th: Classic tangos, vol. 3: the song will be chosen by student vote.
    This last meeting will serve as a review of the entire course. We will try to apply the greatest number of learned elements to the chosen song.


All classes will be held at 6 p.m. (GMT+1 / Central European Time) except the months of June, July and August which will be at 7 PM.
Dates may be subject to change. In such a case, it will be notified in a timely manner.
Classes will be in English and are not recorded.

If you are a TGL student you can participate for free! Just write us an email to hello@tangoguitarlessons.com indicating your first name, last name and the date of the class for which you would like to register.

For inquiries, you can write to us at hello@tangoguitarlessons.com