Downloadable file

Each of these scores has been personally written and transcribed by Flavio, for the exclusive use of his students in his private lessons. Now they are available here as well, so that you can use them at your convenience. Several of these compositions were transcribed in their original keys; others, instead, in the most popular and commonly used keys among tango musicians.

Remember that a “lead sheet” provides the basic information to be able to approach a composition. It simply shows us the main melody, chords, structure (and sometimes some additional information), but not much else. It may look a bit poor, but it’s actually a very powerful and versatile tool, allowing you to study, improvise, accompany or even create your own musical arrangements. Far from limiting yourself to playing only what is written there, consider it a starting point to develop your creativity.

Grab your guitar and have fun playing the best tangos, waltzes and milongas!