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Play along with a real tango group!

Including backing tracks and downloadable scores of: Poema, Vida Mia, Nostalgias, La Cumparsita, Milonga Sentimental, and more.

Tango books

Dive into the soulful world of tango, waltz, and milonga with our carefully curated collection of timeless classics.


Antique tango scores

Original scores published many years ago in Buenos Aires. Each of them is an authentic piece of Tango history and they can be yours.

Our courses

Tango Guitar

This course was specially created for guitarists who are approaching Tango music for the first time, regardless of their technical level or skills. In this course you will find specific techniques of tango guitar, basic rhythms, alternative chord positions, accompaniment strategies and more!

Tango Guitar

This course was specially created for guitarists who already have the fundamental tools of Tango music and want to delve into several aspects such as complex rhythms, typical chord progressions, reharmonization, bass lines, how to play “variaciones”, repertoire and much more!

Tango Guitar

This course was specially created for guitarists with a solid knowledge of the genre, who want to become professionals. In this course we will delve into specific aspects such as improvisation (“a la parrilla”), fancy chord progressions, key transpositions, specific tango styles and more!