Tango guitar fundamentals

Learn how to play Tango from scratch!

If you are approaching tango guitar for the very first time
or even if you already know a few things and you want
to delve into them, this is the course for you.


teaching videos in high definition


pages of a printable workbook to accompany each lesson


of the best Tangos in history covered in these lessons

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authentic Tango from Buenos Aires

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  • 3 backing tracks (recorded by a real tango group)
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  • Mp3 tango melodies to accompany with guitar (with dual tempo)
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  • 13 video lessons
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Course content

It doesn’t matter if you have great skills with the instrument or you just know the basic chords. What matters (according to this course) is your knowledge of tango guitar specifics.
Here you will find everything you need to play like we do in Buenos Aires.

Class 1: Intro
A little about me / A little about Tango / About this course
Class 2: Generalities of tango music
Tempo / Rhythm / Melody
Class 3: Tango guitar technique

Position of the instrument / The “toques” (how it should be played)

Class 4: Basic rhythms (part 1)

Marcato in 4 / Marcato in 2 / Arpeggios

Class 5: Basic rhythms (part 2)

Syncopation / Yumba / 3+3+2 / The drag (Tango glissando)

Class 6: Structure of a tango

Sections / Phrases / Motif

Class 7: How to think and organize your chords

About chords / Chords with tonic (root) on the 6th or 5th string

Class 8: Harmony (diminished and half-diminished chords)

Diminished and half-diminished chords / Let’s play a cool progression!

Class 9: How to accompany a tango
How to choose and combine Tango rhythms & elements / Applying these steps on “Malena” (guest artist)
Class 10: Tango ornaments (‘Rellenos’ and ‘Bordoneos’)

Bordoneos / Rellenos / Applying these techniques on “Mi vieja viola” (guest artist)

Class 11: Connecting passages
What are they and how to use them / Examples of the most popular ones
Class 12: The tango melody
Steps to develop your tango melodies
Class 13: Summary and last tips
Things to keep in mind

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